RotoClone wet dust collector for Port Hedland waste site

Roto Clone N Arrangement CAdvanced Pollution Control of Landsdale in Perth has issued Vilair-AAF with an order to supply an AAF Type N RotoClone wet dust collector with an HPK High Pressure Exhauster fan. The system will be installed at Tox Free Solutions’ waste management incinerator site in Wedgefield, near Port Hedland in Western Australia. Variations from standard specification to suit the application include 304L stainless steel construction, remote low-level water alarms and ports below minimum water level for injection of chemicals or insertion of sampling probes.

The Type N RotoClone, Arrangement C collector is designed to reduce manual removal of collected material and is recommended for moderate and heavy dust loads and continuous service applications. This arrangement is frequently used for foundry sand handling applications; abrasive cleaning, buffing, and grinding; material handling; and dryer and process exhaust. Steep sides in the hopper minimize material build-up, while the sludge ejector mechanism provides easy removal of collected material. The ejector assembly is designed for heavy-duty service and driven by a small geared motor. A slow chain speed, combined with a long steep ejector chute assures effective dewatering of the solid material as it is ejected. Scrubbing water is conserved and make-up water is reduced. The Arrangement C collector is available in 15 sizes, with dimensions up to 8.7 x 2.6 x 5.4 metres.