New cleanroom ceiling system for world-class development facility

Ceiling GridA development centre for optics and photonics manufacturing technology required an enhanced level of air cleanliness within a new cleanroom for critical process equipment. The world-class prototyping centre was established under the Commonwealth Government’s Major National Research Facilities (MNRF) Program, and is engaged in manufacturing-development support for areas such as silica and polymer planar waveguides; and fabrication of optical fibres and thin film. The specification called for a vertical laminar airflow system to be located at one end of the room. Working with a specialist contractor, Vilair-AAF installed an AAF modular ceiling grid system with HEPA filter/ fan modules and special cleanroom light fixtures. The anodised grid finish and the use of AAF minipleat HEPA filters with integral face guards present an attractive appearance without the need for underside filter guards. AAF ceiling grid systems are applicable to any size of cleanroom, and are designed for the installation of HEPA/ ULPA filters or filter modules. Systems are supplied with all suspension fittings and sealed penetrations for cabling to light fixtures.