Machinery Filtration

Applications: Modern industrial processes produce significant quantities of airborne pollutants in all forms – particulates, gases, vapours, fumes and mists. Many are toxic; and concentrations often exceed safe levels of exposure. Reducing the pollutants to acceptable levels is critical for the safe operation of many industrial processes and mandatory to meet stringent emission regulations. AAF pioneered many of the technologies now used to control air pollution.

Gas turbines and machinery: AAF® produces a wide range of components for intake filtration; intake and exhaust silencing for gas turbines, high- performance compressors and diesel engines. Special long-lasting, high-performance replacement air filters provide an economical retrofit for all styles of gas turbine inlet air filter houses. Self-cleaning or static air filters are available in most cartridge and panel sizes.

Dust collection and fume control: A complete line of AAF dust collection equipment allows us to recommend the most efficient and economical environmental solution. Whether the need is for general ventilation or control at the source, AAF dust collectors are designed for cost effective dust, fume and particulate removal. AAF’s compact, mobile weld-fume units use activated-carbon filtration to provide a convenient and flexible solution for multiple sources of weld fume/smoke.

Filtration Systems

Air Pollution Control systems
AAF’s air pollution control systems range from replacement filter media to a packaged unit to solve small in-plant dust control problems up to large, complex, custom engineered systems for major air pollution control projects.
RotoClone wet centrifugal collectors
RotoClone collectors are a dust collector and fan with the addition of water spays to the dynamic precipitation process. They minimise water usage and trap light & fine particles with waste delivered as slurry for disposal.
ASC turbine intake systems
ASC self-cleaning systems, designed for gas turbines ands other smooth intake-flow machinery, combine inertial separation with a self-cleaning air filtration system. The ASC is well suited to retrofit of old barrier or self-cleaning systems.
AS DynaPure mist collectors
The AAF DynaPure is a unique, self-contained filtration system for source capture of mist generated by wet machining, spraying, and lubrication systems. They are often used to improve or maintain the quality of air in a work environment.
DuraPulse high efficiency cartridge filters
DuraPulse heavy-duty, high efficiency cylindrical filters for self-cleaning pulse-type air filtration systems, are designed to operate under the severe environmental conditions of gas turbine, engine and centrifugal compressor applications.
AmerKleen M80 disposable glass fibre filter media
AmerKleen M80 is a high efficiency glass media that offers better value for money than standard, permanent metal filters. M80 pads are particularly suited for use in engine, turbine and smooth flow compressor air intake applications.
DuraCel® XL high efficiency filter cells
DuraCel XL is a heavy duty, high efficiency filter developed specifically for rotating machinery industry. It is designed to withstand the rigours of centrifugal compressors, gas turbines and engines where severe surging or pulsation occur.
DuraVee high efficiency vee-form filters
DuraVee is a high-capacity, high efficiency filter, developed specifically for rotating machinery. Filters are designed to withstand the rigours of centrifugal compressors, gas turbines and engines in which surging or pulsation occurs.
Weld fume collectors
The AAF range includes cartridge collectors, fabric collectors and electronic air cleaners. The OptiFlo collectors are portable, compact and affordable and an ideal solution for capture of weld fume in the workplace.
Woodworking dust control
AAF collectors commonly used in woodworking shops are the ArrestAll shaker type fabric collector, Type M FabriPulse pulse-jet fabric collector and the Type D RotoClone.