Downflow booths in cutting edge biopharma facility

Pep 2 boothsA URS issued for fast-track development of a new Sydney animal health facility specified two laminar downflow containment booths for manufacturing and packaging operations. Vilair-AAF installed two modular DCB Series laminar downflow booths in the North Ryde, NSW facility to provide ISO 14644-1 Class 5 conditions for manufacturing and packaging operations within new Class 6 cleanrooms. The booths provide a work environment for the manufacture of products destined for terminal sterilisation; and prevent migration of product aerosols to other areas. The installations were tested and certified in accordance with Australian standards and NATA requirements by Critical Certification as part of the Performance Qualification protocol. AAF prefilters and HEPA filters were installed in the HVAC system to maintain the specified level of air cleanliness in the cleanrooms. DCB Series booths are manufactured in Australia and can typically be installed within 16 weeks from order date. Booths can be installed as a stand-alone system requiring only 3-phase electrical supply; or integrated into an existing facility.