Cleanroom Systems

Many critical applications in high-technology industry, scientific research and health care require controlled environments such as laminar flow systems and cleanrooms. These environments control levels of airborne particulate and/or biological contamination. Typical installations are laminar flow ultra-clean zones and cleanrooms for production of sterile medicinal products; and dispensary containment booths for protection of process workers from potentially hazardous powders.

Our aim at Vilair-AAF is to provide highly cost-effective equipment solutions for these applications that meet stringent industry and government regulations. We have designed, manufactured and installed purpose-engineered systems for Australia’s leading manufacturers of pharmaceuticals and medical devices. Local manufacture enables us to supply standard units or custom-engineered equipment that is typically installed within 16 weeks from order date.

Cleanroom Products

AAF cleanroom products
Founded in 1921 in Louisville, Kentucky, AAF® adopted the slogan Better Air Is Our Business® and is widely known as a manufacturer of high-quality cleanroom equipment including HEPA/ ULPA filters, ceiling grid systems and duct housings.
Vilair-AAF cleanroom systems
Vilair-AAF is a specialised supplier of laminar airflow and powder containment equipment to the biopharma industry. Australian manufacture enables us to supply cost-effective equipment that can typically be installed within 16 weeks from order date.
Downflow containment booths
Vilair-AAF DCB laminar downflow booths create a controlled environment for sampling, grinding, dispensing and filling processes in pharmaceutical, fine chemical and food industries. Controlled airflows and multi-stage high-efficiency air filtration systems protect personnel, process products and adjoining areas.
Laminar flow enclosures
DFM Series laminar downflow modules provide an economical means of achieving ISO 14644-1 Class 5 air cleanliness in a wide range of industrial and research applications.
Pass-through hatches
Vilair-AAF pass-throughs are manufactured in Australia to meet a specific user requirement specification (URS), in a range of sizes and configurations. Pass-through hatches protect critical environments while allowing materials transfer between adjoining rooms with minimal loss of room pressure.
AstroCel TM® HEPA ceiling modules
The AstroCel TM is a disposable HEPA/ULPA ceiling module designed for individually-ducted installation in cleanrooms of ISO Class 5 to Class 7 (HEPA H12 & H14) and Class 3 and Class 4 (ULPA U15). Optional T-bar frames are used for sandwich panel or plaster-board ceiling installations.
AstroCel FM-II® HEPA/ fan ceiling modules
The AstroCel FM-II is a low-profile fan-assisted HEPA/ULPA ceiling module for cleanrooms of ISO Class 5 to Class 7 (HEPA H12 & H14); and Class 3 and Class 4 (ULPA U15). These modules are used where ducted modules are impractical; or where the air supply has insufficient capacity for the static pressure of HEPA filters.
AstroGel ND® gel-seal cleanroom ceiling grid systems
AstroGel ND is a modular gel-seal cleanroom ceiling grid system that can be adapted to any ceiling area and is leak-free. Made of lightweight extruded aluminium profiles, AstroGel ND is easy to transport, handle and install.
PCX Series containment modules
Vilair-AAF PCX modules are extraction units specifically designed for applications in laboratories and pharmacies, where containment of hazardous airborne particles is required. A 2-stage sub-micron prefilter/ HEPA filter system captures airborne contaminants.
VAS Series air showers
VAS cleanroom air showers are self-contained chambers installed at the entrance to cleanrooms to reduce entry of particulate contaminants. Personnel move through the air shower while particulates are washed off with high velocity HEPA-filtered air jets. Units are manufactured for Vilair-AAF by Esco, Singapore to meet the requirements of Australian applications.
ISO standards for controlled environments
Adoption of ISO standard 14644 makes national cleanroom standards such as AS 1386 redundant. The new ISO standard has 7 parts and is complemented by ISO-14698, dealing with bio-contamination control and monitoring.
ISO Class 7 cleanrooms
Non-laminar flow cleanrooms in which there are no more than 350 particles per litre at ≥ 0.5 um, and no more than 2 particles ≥ 5.0 um. In AS 1386 termed Class 350.
PC3 HEPA filter containment housings
Vilair-AAF PC HEPA filter housings are produced in a range of sizes and configurations for exhaust or supply air applications in containment laboratories and similar critical environments.