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New ISO standards for cleanrooms and controlled environments

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New ISO standards for cleanrooms and controlled environments

New ISO standards for cleanrooms and controlled environments Adoption of ISO standards makes national standards such as AS 1386 redundant. The new ISO standards are as follows:

  • ISO-14644-1 Classification by Airborne Particles
  • ISO-14644-2 Monitoring for Compliance
  • ISO-14644-3 Measurement & Testing
  • ISO-14644-4 Design, Construction and Start-up
  • ISO-14644-5 Cleanroom Operations
  • ISO-14644-6 Terms, Definitions & Units
  • ISO-14644-7 Separative Enclosures
  • ISO-14644-8 Molecular Contamination

These standards are complemented by ISO-14698, dealing with bio-contamination control and monitoring. A bulletin that provides a cross-reference to AS 1386, EU CGMP, USA and other standards is available on the Clean Room Systems section of this site.

Vilair-AAF Pty Ltd is a specialised supplier of air filtration products, cleanroom equipment; and dust, mist and fume control systems. Downflow
containment booths and laminar flow units are manufactured in Australia and fitted with AAF® HEPA and ULPA filters.

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