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Air Filtration

Air Filtration

AAF – the company: AAF was founded in 1921 in Louisville, Kentucky; and since that time has been providing solutions to improve the quality of air for people, products, processes and equipment. AAF adopted the slogan, Better Air Is Our Business® to simply state the company’s purpose. The scope of applications is unlimited and ranges from HEPA filtration for electronics and pharmaceutical manufacturing, to preventing the spread of infection in hospitals, to protecting heating and cooling coils in HVAC systems. AAF is one of the world's largest manufacturers of air filtration products and systems and is now further strengthened by being a member of the multinational Hong Leong GroupAAF's main operation centres are in AsiaEurope and the USA. Vilair-AAF is the exclusive Australian AAF distributor and maintains significant stocks of all common filters and filter media.                            

HVAC: The industry’s widest range of filters, framing systems and filter media enables optimal selection of filters for any application. Replacement filter elements and media are available for all recognised filter brands and types.

Cleanrooms: The stringent requirements of high-technology industries such as microelectronics and biopharma are met with AAF HEPA and ULPA filter products and Vilair-AAF Cleanroom Systems equipment. High-efficiency filters are used in critical areas in hospitals and biological-research laboratories; as well as in food and beverage industries. 

Automotive: AAF has been involved in filtration for automotive spray-paint facilities since the invention of mass-produced automobiles. AAF's range of air filters and solutions allows the selection of maximum efficiency and minimum resistance for virtually any paint booth design – whether in automotive manufacture or in body repair shops.

Amair pleated panel filters
Amair disposable pleated panel filters provide higher air cleaning efficiency and dust holding capacity. Filters have a heavy-duty, moisture-resistant beverage board frame and are available in 25, 50 and 100 mm depths with efficiency up to F5.

TriCell TriWedge deep bed filters
TriCell deep bed filters have three pockets with fully-supported media fitted into a corrosion-resistant frame. Filters provide medium to high efficiency at low pressure drop; and are available in 380 and 660 mm depth with efficiency up to F6.

DriPak 2000 multi-pocket filters
DriPak 2000 multi-pocket filters provide up to 95% efficiency, high dust holding and stabilised media. Ultrasonically-welded, multilayered synthetic media is formed into reinforced pockets that remain fully inflated in turbulent operating conditions.

VariCel V high capacity filters
VariCel V high capacity extended surface filters have minipleat media packs arranged in a vee-form and designed to operate up to 1300 L/s with low resistance and long service life. Filters are available with efficiency of 70%, 80%, 95% or MERV 15.

AstroCel I HEPA and ULPA filters
AstroCel I conventional HEPA filters are manufactured in depths of 149 or 292 mm with a choice of frame construction, i.e steel, aluminium, particle board and plywood with gasket seal or gel seal. Efficiency ratings available are H12, H14 and U15.

AstroCel II minipleat HEPA and ULPA filters
AstroCel II HEPA and ULPA minipleat filters, designed for cleanrooms and laminar flow installations, are manufactured in 69, 93 and 117 mm depth with anodised aluminium frame and gasket seal. Efficiency ratings available are H12, H14, U15, U16 and U17.

AstroCel II minipleat HEPA and ULPA filters - Knife-Edge
AstroCel II HEPA & ULPA Knife-Edge minipleat filters, designed for gel-seal channel ceiling grid systems, are manufactured in 86, 110 and 134 mm depth with anodised aluminium frame. Efficiency ratings available are H12, H14, U15, U16 and U17.

AstroCel II minipleat HEPA and ULPA filters - Fluid Seal
AstroCel II Fluid Seal HEPA & ULPA minipleat filters have a gel-filled groove which ensures a perfect seal. Filters are manufactured in 80, 104 and 128 mm depth with anodised aluminium frame. Efficiency ratings available are H14, U15, U16 and U17.

AstroCel III 4000 high capacity HEPA filters
AstroCel III 4000 high capacity HEPA filters, designed for airflow up to 1100 L/s at 250 Pa initial resistance, are manufactured in 610 x 610 and 305 x 610 sizes in 292 mm depth with zinc-coated steel frame. Efficiency ratings available are H12 and H13.

VariSorb activated carbon filters
VariSorb VS activated carbon filters are designed for effective gas-phase removal of gaseous contamination in fresh air and recirculation air systems. Filters are 292 mm deep with pleat packs arranged in a vee form to maximise the exposed carbon surface.

Replacement air filter media and filter frames
Vilair-AAF supplies replacement filter elements and media for all recognised filter brands and types. A wide range of filter holding and mounting frames is available for new installations or upgrading existing systems to higher levels of filter performance.

Filter media for paint spay booths
Supply media (‘downdraught' media) has a dense layer on the clean air-leaving side & a special adhesive to reduce dust migration caused by vibration. Performance rating is F5. Exhaust overspray media has a performance rating of G3.

Air filter test dusts and test methods
AS 1324.1-2001 specifies requirements for the performance and construction of air filters for use in general ventilation and air conditioning systems. AS 1324.2-2003 specifies methods of test & classifies filters on the basis of design, construction, performance and application.

Vilair-AAF Pty Ltd is a specialised supplier of air filtration products, cleanroom equipment; and dust, mist and fume control systems. Downflow
containment booths and laminar flow units are manufactured in Australia and fitted with AAF® HEPA and ULPA filters.

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